Why Repair It

The main reasons for repairing chips and cracks in windscreens is as follows:

  1. To stop the initial damage from further cracking and spreading, avoiding the expense, and inconvenience involved in replacing your windscreen.  All our repairs are guaranteed from spreading, running  or cracking further for the Life of the Windscreen.
  2.  All our repairs are guaranteed to pass roadworthy inspections, or your money back.
  3. Depending on the type, size and age of the damage, varying visual improvement results are achieved. Some repairs are undetectable but that is not always the case. Also cracks that are years old, may have accumulated some dirt prior to repair, which affects the clarity.

Some slight visual remains of the chip may be present, However all our repairs are guaranteed to prevent further cracking or spreading for the life of the windscreen. Our Repair Method  is an inexpensive permanent method of restoring your windscreen.