Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        Will the repair stop the crack from growing bigger

A.        We Guarantee to stop the Chip from spreading or running once repaired.

Q.        Will the repair pass a Roadworthy inspection?

A.        Yes, We offer a full guarantee or your money back.

Q         Is the repair guaranteed?

A         All our repairs are full guaranteed for the life of the windscreen.

Q         Can  long cracks be repaired?

A         Providing the crack is not on the driver side,  between  5-10 cm cracks can be stopped from spreading or running.

Q         How long does a repair take?

A         It is relatively quick and depends on how many chips need to be repaired.

Q         Will the chip disappear?

A         Yes and No. Some repairs are virtually undetectable and dissapper. They vary depending on the type, size and age. Some are less visible than others; at least 85% visual improvement is noted.

Q         Can  old cracks and chips be repaired?

A         they can be repaired, but for maximum cosmetic improvement the fresher is better while the cracks are internally clean. Over time dust and contaminating material accumulates in the chip or crack.

Q         Will a Contaminated chip stop the repair from working?

A         No. It may be more visible than if it had been repaired fresher but the strength of the repair is still strong.

Q         Does it matter that the windscreen is dirty? Should I wash it before the repair?

A         No it doesn’t matter and it’s best not to wash the windscreen, as water can take some hours to evaporate from the crack, before a repair is possible.

Q         Is there anything I should do BEFORE I have the windscreen repaired?

A         Try and keep it dry for a few hours before. Also try not to drive the car as bumps and potholes cause the chip to spread and run. After the repair, it doesn’t matter.

Q         Can the vehicle be driven after the repair?

A         Yes,  It can be driven immediately afterwards.